Safety instructions

  • The ball mount must be within specification.
  • The ball mount must not be not damaged.
  • The hitch must not be damaged.
  • After a rear crash, see your dealer and get the hitch assessed by a specialist.
  • Do not cut, weld or modify the product.
  • Do not exceed hitch rating.
  • Do not exceed vehicle rating.
  • Use of damaged or modified products may lead to death or serious injury.
  • Always refer to the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Always secure the safety chain before towing.
  • During hitch assembly, always adhere to the steps provided in the fitting instruction.
  • ACPS Automotive may not be held responsible for any defect of the product caused by improper use or use other than the intended use (including overloading) by the user or any person for whom the user is responsible.
  • Warranty is valid only for new hitch and accessories. The use of second-hand hitch is prohibited and can be life-threatening.

Fitting instructions and User Manual


Here you can find the ORIS DM III hitch manual for drivers, which will help you to use our hitch properly.

PDF Download