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ORIS presents the first all-electric retractable towbar for independent workshops.

The ORIS_E3 is the perfect solution for anyone who places value on speed and above all on ease of use and convenience. The system is characterized by great security, quality and robustness. Designed for flexibility and user-friendliness, the ORIS_E3 offers all the advantages of a fully automatic system as originally installed by car manufacturers. All of this is conveniently to hand at the touch of a button.

Speed and convinience

In terms of speed and ease of fit, the ORIS_E3 surpasses anything else in the market. At the touch of a button, the neck swings into the operating position and automatically locks into position in seconds. If the device is not needed, it retracts just as easily and quickly, and the neck disappears invisibly behind the bumper. It is conveniently operated via a pushbutton switch in the boot.

ORIS_E3 Kupplung

Convenience comes first

No bending, no contact, no effort: the automatic extension offers unprecedented ease of use and convenience

Quick to use

Reaches its operating mode in just a few seconds at the touch of a button. Maximum flexibility –for either regular or occasional use

Invisible & compactly installed

In the working position, the new product offers optimal ergonomics when coupling trailers or bike carriers thanks to its integrated electrical socket – all towbars feature the integrated and patented FIX4BIKE® system! A visual LED display and acoustic feedback also indicate the system’s operational readiness.

ORIS E3 Kupplung

Invisible & compact installation

Ergonomically designed: the towball retracts completely under the car when not in use

Safety first: 4.0 Intelligent Clutch

Safety first: The ORIS_E3 is also well thought-out and user-friendly when it comes to safety. A visual LED display and acoustic feedback Visual (LED display) and/or audible feedback (beep) indicate when the system is ready for use. The coupling also has anti-pinch protection signal and is deactivated when the vehicle is in motion.


Safety first: 4.0 Intelligent Clutch

LED display, beep and anti-pinch protection signal when the coupling is in operating mode. Deactivated when driving.

Safety: thanks to FIX4BIKE®

What’s special about FIX4BIKE®?
It’s unlike anything else on the market. ORIS FIX4BIKE® from ACPS Automotive enables a quick, easy, and secure transportation of bicycles. FIX4BIKE® is stronger than standard bike carrier fixations. With the ORIS FIX4BIKE® pins, only one single action is necessary for fixation.

Patented FIX4BIKE® adapter solution for the safest and easiest transportation of bicycles on the towbar

Integrated Fix4Bike

Patented FIX4BIKE® adapter solution for the safest and easiest transportation of bicycles on the towbar

OEM quality

About the E3 series, ORIS is now transferring all its know-how from its OEM sector to the aftermarket. After installation, the towing device is maintenance-free and waterproof.

OEM quality

OEM quality

Developed for vehicle manufacturers – adapted for workshops. Top quality and the latest technology for our customers

For you, the ORIS E3 means above all simple, safe and fast handling. The towbar features impressive technical data as well. This innovative and robust technology has D-values of up to 12.6 kN and can tow loads of up to 2,400 kg. As a result, it completely covers the lower and medium load ranges with less weight and more compact installation dimensions.

Compatible vehicles

The new ORIS_E3 system will be available as follows for independent workshop and fitter customers, who do not yet have a towbar, but would like to have an all-electric swiveling towbar for their vehicles installed at the workshop next door:



  • Q3 (F3B), Modelljahr 07/2018-
  • Q3 Sportback (F3N), Modelljahr 06/2019-

Estimated available from Q4 2023

  • A6 Avant (4A5, C8), Modelljahr 05/2018-
  • A6 (4A2, C8), Modelljahr 02/2018-



  • 5 (G30) Lim., Model Year 09/2016-
  • 5 Touring (G31) Com., Model Year 03/2017-
  • 5 (G30) Lim. PHEV Facelift, Model Year 2021-
  • 5 Touring (G31) Com. PHEV Facelift, Model Year 2021-
  • 3 (G20), Model Year 11/2018-
  • 3 Touring (G21), Model Year 07/2019-
  • X3 (G01, F97), Model Year 07/2017-



  • E-KLASSE (W213), Model Year 01/2016-
  • E-KLASSE T-Model (S213), Model Year 07/2016-



  • OCTAVIA IV (NX3), Model Year 01/2020-
  • OCTAVIA IV Combi (NX5), Model Year 11/2019-

Estimated available from Q4 2023

  • Kodiaq (NS7, NV7, NS6), Model Year 2016-
  • Karoq (NU7, ND7), 2017



  • GOLF VIII (CD1), Model Year 07/2019-

Estimated available from Q4 2023

  • T-Roc (A11, D11),  Model Year 2018-
first all-electric retractable towbar for independent workshops
first all-electric retractable towbar

All-electric retractable towbar

For passenger cars

In the E3, ORIS has created a retrofit vehicle product that stands out, by virtue of its fast and convenient operation, its robust construction and its ease of installation in the workshop.

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