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The best way to move your boat around

ORIS performance towbars for boats

Invest in an ORIS towbar and an easy A-B means you’ve got more time on the open water.

Pull, brake, steer – an ORIS towbar is designed to withstand extraordinary loads while driving. We have towbars with accessories for most models and brand of car – whether rigid towbars or models with a removable ball neck.

Whether you’re an owner of a cruiser or sailing boat, enjoy lazy motorboat trips from one marina to another, or are simply looking to sail into the sunset, you know only too well, everybody loves a boat trip.

What your friends might not imagine when they’re invited on your boat is that their trip doesn’t usually begin on the water. There’s always that time-consuming journey from yard to dock using a trailer.

The good news? With a towbar from ORIS, you can begin to think (a little!) like those guests too… ORIS towbars reliably ensure a safe, easy, quick connection between your car or truck and the boat trailer.


Discover ORIS towbars for maritime use

Fixed Towbars

Fixed towbars are designed for daily use. They are inexpensive, maintenance-free and last the whole lifetime of a vehicle, even with heavy loads.

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Detachable Towbars

A simple, great piece of kit: if you only occasionally use your towbar, then a removable system is the best choice. Removing or attaching the ball head takes just a few steps. Depending on the model, after removing the ball head, the trailer device is completely or almost invisible – nothing changes the appearance of your vehicle.

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