Millions of drivers use towbars from ACPS Automotive.

They rely on the ORIS brand to bring trailers, bicycles and other carrier systems safely to their destination.

Safety is a high priority at ACPS Automotive, which is reflected throughout the company: In design, production and assembly, ACPS Automotive applies safety standards that exceed those customary in the industry – for the safe use of all towbars.

Certified and tested

Safety is based on compliance with norms and standards. To this end, we are regularly audited by independent certification organisations.

Our own standards

Safety is the absolute priority for the engineers at ACPS Automotive when it comes to designing a new towbar. Towbars are a safety product that must fulfil legal requirements.

A new ORIS product only receives its type plate after an official inspection. Every ORIS towbar must also comply with the company’s specific construction and design standards. And in many cases, these are stricter than the regulatory requirements.