Fixed Towbars
From Oris

Fixed towbars are designed for daily use. They are inexpensive, maintenance-free and last the whole lifetime of a vehicle, even with heavy loads.

Which system is right for me?

Towbars with a bolted ball head are extremely durable and usually the first choice for price-conscious and frequent drivers. This type of towbar is fixed and non-removable. It is always used when maximum towing capacity is required.

We recommend flange ball towbars for vans and off-road vehicles in commercial use. They are designed for the frequent pulling of heavy loads. The flange ball is available in 2-hole and 4-hole versions.

Screwed-on ball neck

For passenger cars

The inexpensive alternative to the detachable trailer coupling. Extremely robust, durable and versatile. Among our more than 700 models, you are sure to find the right solution for your vehicle.

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Flange ball

For commercial vehicles

For professional use. With a D-value of up to 20 kN, this is ideally suited for pulling heavy loads.

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