Our innovations set standards

At its headquarters in the Stuttgart area and at other development and production sites, ORIS and ACPS Automotive stand for more than 65 years of continuous innovation.

With more than 140 patents worldwide, ACPS Automotive with its ORIS product brand is the technology and innovation leader for towbars.

The group of companies has thus decisively shaped technological progress in this product segment.

Swivelling towbars: An innovation that is now standard with almost all car manufacturers.

ACPS Automotive has launched the first swivelling towbar on the market as a world innovation. The ORIS swivelling towbars are market leaders in terms of size, robustness and system availability. A pioneering invention here was swivelling around just one inclined axis – a simple mechanical solution for a very complex process. Thanks to the special geometry of the swivelling process, ORIS swivelling towbars require hardly any space for their invisible placement in the installation space at the rear of the vehicle. This is a decisive criterion, as many vehicle components are now housed in the rear of the vehicle. At the same time, they are more robust and are quickly available. This is still the basis for all swivelling systems from our company today.

Further developments through optimisation and new concepts

More than seven per cent of our employees work in research and development alone. They work on new and further developments as well as on the realisation of customised solutions. We combine individually developed components with standardised modules. This reduces design and delivery times as well as costs. Our teams of experts work in a solution-orientated manner and implement the entire process: from the idea to design and prototype construction through to assembly.


Fix with one click

FIX4BIKE® bike carriers are the innovative and patented adapter solution for FIX4BIKE® towbars. Thanks to the unique fastening system, the bike carrier is mounted with just one click and immediately aligned in conjunction with FIX4BIKE®. A significant advance in terms of safety, stability and durability.