Research & Development

Product research and development in tune with our customers.

A successful product does not come by accident. At ORIS, our research and development departments are the working hubs for a portfolio of high-quality products that are created for the benefit of our customers.

Every department at ORIS is integrated into a research and development network and use a common standard in the product development process, controlled by state-of-the-art engineering and software tools.

Cutting-edge research and testing facilities complete the development cycle. As a lean global development organization, ORIS is well known for its efficient, flexible and short development cycles.

Innovations pay off

ORIS invests heavily in innovation. We have used our broad expertise to develop and produce innovative, competitive products that combine ease of use with original equipment quality.

One example of our innovative strength is the FIX4BIKE® adapter system. Thanks to the unique FIX4BIKE® fastening system, the bicycle carrier is mounted with just one click and immediately aligned in conjunction with FIX4BIKE®.

A significant advance in terms of safety, stability and durability.


Fix with one click

FIX4BIKE® bicycle carriers from ORIS are the innovative and patented adapter solution for FIX4BIKE® trailer couplings. Thanks to the unique mounting system, the bicycle carrier is mounted with just one click and paired with FIX4BIKE® is aligned immediately. A significant advance in safety, stability and durability.