Frequently asked

Helpful information about hitches for the North American Market

Whether you’re looking into a hitch for your car, or already have one and are keen to invest in a bike rack, you’re bound to have questions.

We aim to answer as many as we can here, but if you have more, your local dealer will be able to offer advice specific to your vehicle.

General information

Does our hitch allow the use of bicycle racks?
Does our hitch allow the use of baskets and cages?
What things must I consider when purchasing a towbar?
Can I use a receiver tube cover?
Is it acceptable for a removable adapter receiver to exhibit some looseness?
What loads can I pull?
What is the specified tongue weight?
What information does the type plate provide?
Do I need a special electrical connection for my towbar?
How do I properly maintain my towbar?
Where can I obtain replacement parts and accessories for my towbar?
Where can I obtain installation instructions and operating manuals for my towbar?
What should I do if I have lost the key for my removable hitch?
Can I continue to use a towbar after a rear-end accident?
Is my hitch visible from behind the vehicle?
Do I need to weld anything on the hitch?
Can I modify my hitch?
Is it possible that the hitch comes loose during driving / towing?
Is there a risk that someone could steal the detachable receiver?
What safety features are included on the detachable hitch?
What safety features are included on the disappearing hitch?
Which ball mount / size can I use?
Will the hitch have any impact on the ground clearance of my vehicle?
Will the hitch allow anti-sway and / or weight distribution?