Retrofit Towbars
From Oris

ORIS is the leading manufacturer of towbars in Europe – we have the right technology to suit every vehicle and application. Our market-leading product is the innovative FIX4BIKE hitch system which couples with our range of easy-to-use FIXMATIC bicycle carriers.

Whether for leisure activities or for business, ORIS has the right towbar for you. We also manufacture electrical kits for your car, ensuring a secure, bespoke connection to your vehicle’s electronics.

Which towbar is right for me?

Fixed towbars are robust and the ideal solution for frequent users. The ball neck is fixed, so the coupling is always ready for use.

Detachable towbars give you the choice: the ball neck can be dismantled easily. The advantage is the coupling is no longer visible and therefore doesn’t disturb the vehicle design.

Fixed Towbar Systems

Always ready to go

If you often have something to transport, a towbar with a rigid ball neck is the best choice. It is functional, reliable and robust and always ready for use.

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Detachable Towbar Systems

There when you need it

If you only want to use your towbar from time to time and don’t want to interfere with the appearance of your vehicle, then a removable system is the best choice.

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