At home everywhere
With a towbar
you’re good to go

Enjoy the freedom of your caravan on the open road

An ORIS towbar ensures a secure connection between car and caravan

Whether you require a fixed or removable towbar, with ORIS, your vehicle and caravan will always have a fixed, secure connection. And that counts for whatever car you drive, as ORIS has towbars with accessories for almost every vehicle on the road.

The anticipation is great, the bags are packed, everything you need for your holiday is stowed in the caravan – you’re ready to go!

But when you start your holiday with your family and caravan, the work is only beginning for your ORIS towbar!

Pull, brake, steer – the towbar is the sometimes-forgotten (but always hardworking) key to a successful, easy journey on the open road.

It ensures that the caravan follows you safely wherever you’re travelling – on motorways and country roads, through the city, over mountain passes or to the sea.



Discover the right towbar for your caravan

Fixed Towbars

Fixed towbars are designed for daily use. They are inexpensive, maintenance-free and last the whole lifetime of a vehicle, even with heavy loads.

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Detachable Towbars

A simple, great piece of kit: if you only occasionally use your towbar, then a removable system is the best choice. Removing or attaching the ball head takes just a few steps. Depending on the model, after removing the ball head, the trailer device is completely or almost invisible – nothing changes the appearance of your vehicle.

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