Bike Carriers
For 2 Bikes

Getting around on two wheels sometimes requires a car too. ORIS bicycle carriers make the whole process of getting around with your bike so much easier.

All our ORIS bike carriers are suitable for standard as well as e-bikes and adaptable to everyday life – they fold up easily meaning you can store them simply as well as being lightweight and easy to carry.

Fix4Bike & Fixmatic

The FIXMATIC adapter solution from ORIS is used for vehicles equipped with a FIX4BIKE trailer coupling. With two additional bolts on the ball neck, the Traveller II FIXMATIC centers itself when mounted with just one movement and snaps into place on the FIX4BIKE trailer coupling with an audible ‘click’. It’s a real technological advancement in safety, stability and comfort.

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Entry-level bike rack for up to 2 bicycles

With great functionality and robust construction, the Tourer is ORIS’s indestructible entry-level bicycle rack model. A great choice for families, it comes with features standard in most premium bicycle racks. The Tourer is easy to install using the quick-release lever and can be folded compactly when not in use. It offers space for up to 2 bicycles, pedelecs or e-bikes.

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Traveller II

For up to 2 bicycles at the rear of your car

The Traveller series from ORIS is for everyone who demands more from their bicycle carrier. With the Traveller II you can transport two bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes safely and comfortably. When not in use, the Traveller II can be folded up to a compact size without tools and can thus be stored in any garage or storeroom.

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Traveller II Plus

For up to 2 bicycles at the rear of an SUV, van or minibus

Looking for bicycle transport by SUV, van or minibus? It’s no problem with the Traveller II PLUS from ORIS. The Traveller II PLUS offers enough space to open large tailgates – even when loaded. When not in use, the Traveller II PLUS can be conveniently folded to a compact size without tools to fit into any garage or storage space.

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For up to 2 bicycles on FIX4BIKE trailer couplings

Put it on, snap it in – securely fix it! The Traveller-FIXMATIC series from ORIS is equipped with a patented fastening system that makes mounting the bicycle carrier effortless – and absolutely safe. With an audible ‘click’, the carrier snaps securely into the centered position on the FIX4BIKE trailer coupling. The Traveller II FIXMATIC can transport up to 2 bicycles, pedelecs or e-bikes.

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